The Bestest: My Favorite Travel Bloggers

One of the best things about moving into the travel blogging world is meeting so many wonderful fellow travelers.

I recently spent time in Huntsville, Alabama at the TBEX conference: a place where travel bloggers meet, share information, learn, and network — both with one another, and with travel bureaus, companies, and destinations.

Huntsville, Alabama, really went all out for the travel bloggers at the TBEX conference in May 2017. Swing orchestra, drinks, and dinner under the Apollo rocket at the Davidson Rocket Center. Photograph, Ann Fisher.
Huntsville, Alabama, really went all out for the travel bloggers at the TBEX conference in May 2017. Swing orchestra, drinks, and dinner under the Apollo rocket at the Davidson Rocket Center. Photograph, Ann Fisher.

I loved TBEX! And who wouldn’t? Meeting other travelers focused on writing and photography was wonderful, and the city of Huntsville rolled out the red carpet for us. One amazing event that week — the reception at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center — with dinner and swing music under the Apollo rocket.


As I get to know more people engaged in travel writing, this article will become a growing, evergreen list of my favorite bloggers, listed in alphabetical order.

Pat Wetzel does the Cancer Road Trip.

Cancer Road Trip

CancerRoadTrip, a mission for health and healing, is part travel blog, part inspiration. As a blog, it explores healing and adventure in different cultures. For inspiration, we plan to give healing journeys to others.

Follow #CancerRoadTrip, and the journey of one woman (and her friends) as they forge forwards, even in the face of cancer. Laugh, explore, cry. Join us: It’s a very human journey.

Great starting point to “hook in” to this blog? Find out about Pat’s cross-country trip with her sail plane Whiskey Oscar by reading Pat’s post on Adventure (summary): I am always up for a bit of adventure. I think it comes from my childhood. I travelled extensively with my parents. I found myself in cities where I didn’t speak the language, sometimes without an adult. 

Pat Wetzel and I are planning a joint Florida road trip for fall 2017. Look out! I see fine times and adventures ahead!

Jenn and Ed Coleman of Coleman Concierge.
Jenn and Ed Coleman of Coleman Concierge.

Coleman Concierge

Hi! We are Jenn and Ed, aka Coleman Concierge. Let us serve as your guide to inspire you to get out, expand your world, and to seek adventure in all its forms. Currently, home is on the beach in Southern California, but we have lived all over the deserts and mountains of the Western United States.  Told with our unique perspective and personality, our site will provide tools and tips for you to experience heightened adventure in your own life. –– Ed and Jennifer Coleman

Just after I met Jenn and Ed, they headed off for a Tennessee adventure, in and around the city of Chattanooga. Start with their trip overview, that has links to focused articles, like their visit to Ruby Falls in Lookout Mountain cave. Loved the cave picts! Chillin’ in Chattanooga – the Guide to Good Times  (summary): Do you know the dixie dynamo city where cotton meets corn that’s the birthplace of tow trucks? It’s none other than Chattanooga Tennessee. Situated on the southern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s the gateway to the mountains for much of the Southeast.


Author: Ann

Writer, traveler, and cancer fighter. Get out there and live life!

5 thoughts on “The Bestest: My Favorite Travel Bloggers”

  1. Hi Ann, hope all is fine at yours. It is nice to learn of your Travel Adventures. Do it well and don’t forget to send us pics here and waiting to read about them. Now take care of yourself. Juli.


    1. Yes, Juli — everything is A-OK here, thank goodness. Hope all is well with you, too — and now as I’ve said that, I paused and hopped over to your blog, your summer walks, and your June introspection — the half year point. You know, one thing that comes to mind for a trip next year is a visit to areas where some of my blog friends live.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oooh my god, please let me know when you stepped in London or France, Let me know in advance cause I don’t where I would be since I travel between these two places. We must meet. It is nice to know that you are going to be wandering in places where your blogger friends live. You gave me a reason to smile! Have a Wonderful Weekend!


      2. Juli, I will definitely do that. I’m starting to brainstorm for 2018 — I know I’ll be in Europe next year, and as part of that trip (or trips), I’ll be in the UK. As soon as I have more firm idea of possible times, I’ll let you know. Great weekend to you as well!

        Liked by 1 person

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