Miami In, Miami Out

Picasso line drawing, The Camel.

I like airports. This is a good thing, since I seem to be spending more and more time in them.

Forrest Gump on bench

Forrest Gump in transit.

I arrive early, often very early. I have a meal, I watch people, and I write.

Often I chat with one group and then another, kind of like Forrest Gump on his bus bench.

Why? I like a quiet transition time as I move from one place to another. I hate rushing. I aim for serenity.

I’ve been in an out of the Miami airport a number of times in the last fourteen months or so because there are no direct flights from Houston down to the parts of the Caribbean I’ve visited.

I would have to say that the airport code MIA is, well, interesting. But I’ve found it a pleasant airport — plenty of shopping and restaurants, good way-finding, and a distinctive decor. The people are nice. I like nice people.

When I was having lunch at the Miami airport this morning, I saw myself on my way back from Barbados; I was tired — it was just after that Atlantic crossing. Then I saw myself following my sister on our way down to our first cruise on Royal Clipper. Not long afterwards, I saw myself on the way to Sint Maarten — I had just bought those Ray-bans that I didn’t know I was about to lose on the floor of the airplane.

I believe that airports are wormholes.

Well, really, I think all places are wormholes, but the ones we live in have so many tracings back and forth we often don’t see particular memories with such clarity. Think of it as comparing a Jackson Pollock painting to a Picasso line drawing . . .

Number One. Jackson Pollock.

So, I am here with my line tracings in and out of MIA.

It may be time for a margarita . . .

Signing off  — Ann

MIA. Photograph, Ann Fisher.

Ann in Castolon in Big Bend National Park. Photograph, Jim Stevens

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7 Comments on Miami In, Miami Out

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    Ann Cavitt Fisher!!


  2. I suspect you like the calm of arriving early plus you have the opportunity to observe people at the airport. It is a different setting, heartbreaking separations to heartwarming reunions, tired arrivals after long hours in a cramped seat to adrenalin charged travellers who can’t wait to get this-show-on-the-road!

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    • It’s definitely the calm of arriving early. Also, I am rarely ever bored. Reading, watching people, talking — it’s all good. The feelings you talk about above — there is a reason that the film Love Actually starts and ends with people meeting their loved ones in airports.

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  3. I can understand and relate to your feelings about airports, especially if they’re nice ones! I’ve slept in them, spent days there, showered, eaten, chatted, got rat-arsed… Sometimes I go out of my way if it means transiting through an airport I fancy (Zurich, Vancouver, Haneda, Oslo, Istanbul Ataturk…)


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    • 🙂 — yes, all of those airport experiences. And I’m right there with you on choosing flights through favorite airports when the opportunity presents itself.

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