I will never post a recipe I have not made.

We live in a time of easy recipes, all over the place. Food is blogged and reblogged and reblogged — every second — is it any good? Who knows? In such a culture of “need to post, post, POST,” it is apparent that people publishing recipes have often never prepared them. I don’t have food pressure. (Okay, that sounded bad). I mean I don’t write a food blog, I write about life . . . and as part of that, I will share food that I love. Head to the recipes.

I currently have a marvelous kitchen.

Ann's kitchen

Ann’s kitchen

Good food does not need this kind of kitchen, though. Most of my life, I’ve prepared meals in very simple, often very small spaces.

Ann's tiny galley kitchen

Drew and Dad with me in my little kitchen.

I do love to cook, and I love to cook with my friends and my family. The recipes that I share with you here, I have made. In most cases, I will have made them many times over.

Ann’s Food.

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