Oh, the Humanity…

Of all of the things that have been said this week about Paris, this is the only one that resonated with me.

Single Mom Unschooling

I’ve been too overwhelmed by the news and everyone’s reactions to it, to write anything. My son and I are empathic, which means we’re very sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions and almost take those on as our own. It can be crushing for me as an adult still, so I protect B by limiting his access to the news.

He doesn’t need to know how many people have died in the past couple weeks or who all the ‘bad guys’ of the world are. Most of us don’t. I’m not going to encourage a fearful mentality of perceived enemies.

Yes, he knows that there is war and that people kill each other for countless reasons. He doesn’t understand why and I’m afraid I’m no help there because I don’t understand it either.

What I will do is raise him with unconditional love, show him that all of us have…

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1 Comment on Oh, the Humanity…

  1. Thank you for sharing this with others. I’m glad to hear it resonated with you.


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