Castle Ghosts of Victoria

Beautiful images from the haunted Hatley Castle near Victoria in Canada, just in time for All Hallows Eve.

the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter

This is my offering to Ed Mooneys spectacular Spooktacular for Halloween. The castle and grounds are a perfect afternoon haunt.

Royal Roads 2 Hatley Castle as seen from the Italian Garden

Colwood is an area outside of Victoria and there, in a beautiful setting by the ocean, sits Hatley Castle.  Built by  architect Samuel MacLure for James Dunsmuir, the son of coal baron Robert Dunsmuir,  it lies on 565 acres of beautiful gardens and woodlands.  James Dunsmuir,  was the Lt. Governor in 1906 when he commissioned MacLure to design the castle for himself and his wife Laura.  After the death of James, the property was eventually sold to the Government in 1939.  It was turned into a  Military Academy which remained in operation until 1995 after which it became Royal Roads University.

During those Victorian times The Dunsmuir family achieved great status.  Robert Dunsmuir, emigrated from Scotland in 1851, and made a fortune in coal on…

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4 Comments on Castle Ghosts of Victoria

  1. Love Hatley Castle! It’s also the set for most of Xavier’s school in X-Men.

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  2. many thanks for your lovely comment and the reblog Ann!!


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